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Kerkyra is one of the greenest islands among the other Greek islands and belongs to the Ionian Islands include Corfu (Kerkyra), Paxoi, Lefkada, Ithaka, Kefalonia, Zakinthos and Kithira off the south coast of the Peloponnese. This provide a fantastic view of nature to absorb. This is one memory that will last a lifetime without any doubt. Kerkyra has about three million olive trees on the island. You will notice that Kerkyra hotels are usually close to the secluded beaches that are available to visitors.. Beautiful coastal scenery is what helps Kerkyra remain one of the most beautiful Greek islands. The nightlife is rather busy for those that want to go out on the town. You will also see the Adriatic-style villages that are located in Corfu. Kerkyra hotels are another great addition to this great destination for visitors. A popular feature among Kerkyra hotels is having a bar for its guests to sit back and have a drink or two. Most of these hotels provide personal services for their guests. Restaurants are a must for Corfu hotels, their guests need to experience excellent cuisine and they have done what it takes to make sure that this is fulfilled. In the rooms, you are provided with satellite or cable television. Guests will be able to experience the unique views of nature from Corfu hotels. Of course, telephone access is included within every room to ensure that the guest has the ability to communicate with others from the hotel. As you can see, there is a lot waiting for you in Kerkyra. The beauty of this island is one of the greatest experiences that a person can have. Corfu hotels also add on to the experience to top it off into one of the best experiences you will ever have the opportunity to have. Remember, book your room at one of the Kerkyra hotels before you depart to this wonderful island. You may even find some exclusive special offers only available online for Corfu hotels. We have featured some of the Kerkyra hotels on this website to help you make your decision as to which one you will be staying at.

“Unique”, “incomparable”, the most beautiful of the Greek islands … the descriptions of Corfu’s charm and atmosphere are many.
It’s fame goes back to antiquity when Homer described it as “rich and beutiful”. Much later, the english writer William Shakespeare, thought the island, an ideal background for his Tempest play, and much more recently, thousands, millions of travellers and holiday makers rate the island as one of the world’s leading holiday resorts.
Corfu’s charm comes from a combination of its natural beauty, the lasting effects of some great civilizations, and its very special welcome and hospitality.

This site aims to introduce the “best” of Corfu: its outstanding places of scenic and historical interest, its characters and its charm … maybe even let you in on a few of the island’s secrets.

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